International School of Auctioneering



The Complete Correspondence Course includes Auctioneering and Clerking & Cashiering combined.

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The International School of Auctioneering was founded by Col. Tom Kean. Because he believed many talented men and women, who were unable to attend a resident auction school, could become skilled and well paid auctioneers.

Col. Kean thought everyone interested in this career should have a chance to succeed. He thought resident auction schools were good for those who could take a leave from your regular job and afford lost salaries, and the expenses to go. However, for those who were not in this position; he originated this home study course, giving his personal instruction through the use of Cd’s. Our aim is for you to develop the skill, and gain the knowledge you need to conduct public auction sales, after satisfactory completion of this course. We look forward to working with you.
Col.Tom R. Kean, Administrator,
International School of Auctioneering